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Once you have written your paper, a developmental editor is important. Many authors think they do not need an editor. Everyone needs at least some type of editor. Not having an editor is like not having a software product or not testing a drug before it goes out into the marketplace. An editor will evaluate and critique your manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, workable piece. They'll look at the big picture and make sure everything flows and is consistent.

$45-65/hour based on the experience of the editor.
40 pages /5 pages per hour = 8 hours
Low end is 8 x $45 = $360
High end is = $520
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Jan Carlsson, Pelle Ehn, Barbo Erlander, Maja-Lisa Perby, Åke Sandberg
Jan Carlsson, Pelle Ehn, Barbo Erlander, Maja-Lisa Perby, Ake Sandberg
Kenneth R. Ferris, Jesse F. Dillard, Les Nethercott
Management information-decision systems: A new era ahead?
G.W. Dickson
Responding to the challenges of global markets: Change, complexity, competition and conscience
C. Samuel Craig, Susan P. Douglas

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